• Donovan Byers

What is a logo?

Updated: Mar 4

It is a graphic way to identify a business. It is text and/or a mark that provides a visual label for the organization it represents. A logo is part of the brand or identity of the company.

There are 3 main words to understand ​ 1. Logo This is a visual element used to identify the business ​ 2. Identity This comes from the pieces that represent your business and form the overall company brand. The identity includes visual communication that can range from business cards and letterheads to t-shirts or uniforms. ​ It is ideal for the Identity to come first and influence the logo and entire graphic look. You want things to look appealing, but if there isn’t a logical message ingrained into all aspects of a company’s identity, the resulting visuals won’t be cohesive. That means the brand won’t be reinforced to the consumer, making the entire communications effort meaningless. ​ 3. Brand The brand is the way your company is perceived emotionally. A company’s overall personality and image are created over time and are built on the foundations of the logo and identity. ​

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